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Our story...hmmm... Ok here goes. We are a family of six, originally from Central California and have been farming goats since 2007. We have raised goats (meat and dairy), cattle, swine and poultry, but dairy goats have always been a steady for us. Our oldest son began what is now Udder Joy Farms. He worked his tail off all summer feeding for a friend and bought our first Nubian doe, Shelbie. Upon learning all we could about the benefits of raw goat milk, Udder Joy Farms Raw Blessings was born in Spring 2008....this was what the soap line was originally called.

Initially, I was only making soap for my face. I struggle with rosacea and wanted off the multitude of treatments I was on. My face, my decision. I’m kinda stubborn like that. So I made my first batch which was what we now call Raw Oatmeal. Now I’m not making any claims of any kind here, I wanted to try goats milk soap, so I did. It didn’t make my skin peel off, so I was good and have never gone back. Actually I used Raw Oats until last year when my menopausal self had to switch to Simplicity.

Ok... done with the history...onto today! Here we are in TN with our original Cali herd. Most of our girls and one of our Bucks were all born onto our farm and are 8-9 year olds. Their kids make up the rest. We are a closed herd meaning we don’t bring random goats on and off the property and we house our own breeding program...we do these things to protect our herd from disease. Our goats are our TOP PRIORITY! Herd health comes before anything and everything. If we have a sick goat, we won’t be at Market...that’s how we roll! Everything we make starts out on the farm FIRST. Healthy milk makes awesome product! Gary and I are goat farmers and these goats are our family. We have so much love for them...our kids were raised on their milk. This entire operation...this Udder Joy Farms...is a partnership ...a partnership between us and our herd. :)

Now onto the stuff we make :) All the skin care products you see when you visit our sites, stores or booths is 100% made by us. We do NOT use pre-made bases of any kind. UJF milk is our starting point. Each recipe is created by us using ingredients that target whatever we’re trying to address. Every product in our line has come into being because someone in our family had an issue...except goat balls...those I did for all of YOU! :) When you buy product from us, you can be guaranteed that it was made by hand, in small batches with love and a deep pride! You get a tiny bit of us in every bar of soap, cream, balm, scrub, soak! :)

And...did ya know that the soaps are named after the senior animals in our herd! Yep, that’s right! Without the goats...none of this is possible! They are the true Udder JOY Farms!

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