A part of the herd...

June 9, 2017

Tonight, while I was feeding, I couldn't help but feel a deep love for my herd. Do you know that most of our herd was born onto our Cali farm and that their Moms were our herd before that. I've delivered all but two of the goats we now have. We've been together so long and through so much...loss of family, job changes, moves across the country, kids growing up and going off to college...and now those same little boys, who fed, watered and showed all these goats are meeting their future wives and beginning their own journeys. Its crazy how long we've all been together...how much we've all been through. We love our herd❤ They are our herd and we are their herd❤🐐 We're all in this together. 

Our sweet Mr. Whiskers. Best thing that ever happened to us since moving to TN ❤

Last November we lost our sweet Luke, but then God brought these two and now we can't run a farm without them...well at least Sadie 😉 Molly just makes everyday fun! ❤🐕

Most of our Seniors...Skye, Angie, Princess Ivy, Joy, Luna, Reign, Snow and of course, Whiskers 😍

Such loyalty. Such beauty inside and out.  They are Udder Joy Farms ❤❤


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