Catchin' up

Some days I wake up and I really have to fight to not get caught up in all the yuck, but then I remember that I woke up and God has my back and a plan! Today I re-read my post from August 31st...I was exhausted, worn out and broken. I had lost my Aunt and my cousin back home in Cali and my heart was shattered being so dang far from home. I didn't get to say goodbye and it broke me. I was mad about being stuck in TN. Mad at my husband, mad at Mayfields, mad at God. 30 days later I contracted West Nile Virus, spent 6 weeks in the hospital and lost all muscle control and strength in all four of my extremities. I 100% needed my family and friends...both here and in Cali. I couldn't do anything by myself.

Since then I've had nothing but time to listen to all that God has to say. He has shown me where I was holding onto things that needed to be let go! He has shown

me that it's ok to rest. He has shown me what matters. I wore my own self down by not letting go! I really do believe that🧡

So I am getting stronger daily. I can walk with only a cane now, my balance has improved greatly and my right arm is at about 35%. We still have a ways to go, but I know God has a plan and I trust matter what that looks like! Do I know what the future holds? For us? For Udder Joy Farms? Nope! And I'm ok with that🧡 For now we have scaled back a bit and are working as a family to keep UJF clicking along. Honestly it's been kinda great teaching everyone🧡 I get asked all the time if I am nervous about my right arm not coming back...honestly I'm not. I trust God...he has brought the best PT's and OT's into my life and I feel blessed to be under their care. God knows what he's doing here and he lined his people up!

I know I say this all the time, but Thank you for sticking with us! We appreciate each and everyone of you!🧡🧡🧡


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