September 28, 2016

Sometimes my life here at the farm gets so busy that I forget to make time for community. I wish I was better at making that a priority. When we moved here, I knew nobody and it has been tough being so alone. The first two ladies I met were Tina and Jessica. Tina and her husband, Tom were a part of our Church and Jessica was a close friend of Tina. The three of us used to meet weekly for lunch (or at least we attempted to). It was a great time of friendship. I cherish those days! Every woman needs her "girl" time and this was so true for me. Last October, Tina went home to The Lord. Jessica and I were's been tough letting Tina go. Over the last year we have talked but both of us have been so busy with life we haven't had much time together and that's been tough. Jess has been through some serious life changes that required all of her time and I wanted to give her the needed space to navigate through everything. Today we finally reconnected and met for lunch. It was great! I do cherish her so much. You might think you have nothing but time to spend with people, but sometimes you dont. Cherish those moments. Cherish those bonds. Cherish those relationships♡♡♡

Suzanne ♡♡


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