Luna Bell

February 9, 2017

Every month this year we will be highlighting one of our goats. Without them there would be no Udder Joy Farms, no soap, no lotion, no anything. They are truly amazing creatures and we want to share them with you! 

Tonight were gonna start off with our sweet Luna Bell. She is our angel♡ Luna was born on our farm in Tollhouse after I purchased and transported her pregnant mom, Angelou from Colorado. She was born  on April 22nd, 2010 with one sister, Ethyl Belle, who went to live on a wonderful farm in Cali. Both babies were healthy and faired well. Luna has always been a sweetheart from early on.

Now an ole lady at almost 7 years old, she is mother to Joy and grandmother to Princess Ivy as well as many other littles who have gone onto other farms. Luna has always had a special place in my heart♡ Her personality is absolutely beautiful. She is the goat who makes you smile when you don't feel like smiling. Just thinking about her makes my heart warm. I remember when Storm passed, I was just sitting there in the pen, feeling like a complete failure and here comes Luna. Granted, she tried to eat my hair, but regardless she stayed and layed down with Storm and myself. I know she knew...and understood. She has a beautiful heart♡

Luna certainly isn't the most beautiful or the biggest or the whatever, but she is our Luna. She is rather plain looking and honestly has a terrible udder for milking, but she gives us a ton of milk and it's some of the best tasting we get. She is a doll on the stand and follows directions. She is compliant (for the most part) and has only a tiny attitude. She rarely starts ugliness and is a community builder within the herd, although the other day she did go after Angie pretty good. I'm sure she just got tired of being pushed around...everyone has their limits. :) 

Our Luna is a doll who will warm your heart as she does ours. She is the first to the fence to say good morning and the last to say goodnight. We love her to the moon and back.

Her soap,  Luna's Citrus Basil Loofah is a reflection of her. Pure, beautiful and just a touch of edge! Would you like to meet Luna? We invite to schedule a visit and have your heart blessed by our sweet girl♡




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