Typical morning...

January 27, 2018

Here's what I (Gary is at work) woke up to this morning...

All 5 seniors (and Laney) out of their pen and helping themselves to leaves. Ah the joys 😊 and all before coffee! Now I have a strict policy about handling goats prior to coffee time, but alas I don't need them heading over towards the feed rooms...which they eventually will. I love how Skye is giving me a "Wha???" look...no doubt she was the ring leader! So out I go, coffee-less, in my snowman jammies and nike slides to see where the great escape happened. Of course it is where the Farmer unhooked the fence for tractor access (he is the king of unwiring and....). So I turn around, coffee-less, assess the situation and call in my support team...

Problem solved! Everyone was immediately back in, except Phat Angie...but my enforcer took care of that 😉 Couldn't run this place without her🐕❤ 

So now I can go back inside and have coffee, right?!  Nope! I enter to find Luna kitten stuck inside a Walmart bag, frantically running about the house in an attempt to shake it off which is doing nothing but making it go further on! 

Help me Mr. Wizard! I need coffee!

Happy weekend everyone!          Stay dry!!



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