Where have we been???

July 22, 2017

Well let me share...for 3 weeks we had a lovely case of bronchitis, we have family visiting from Cali and now we have new babies. Tuesday afternoon Shelbie, one of our young moms, kidded 2 beautiful does. Unfortunately she freaked (nothing new for her) and she totally rejected them...even to a point of trying to stomp them. After 24 hours of keeping them together and after she stomped Laney twice, we removed them. Sometimes this happens, but its rare...we've actually never had a case this severe. So for now we are the mommies for these babes. Due to the intense feeding schedule for new baby goats, I cannot for sure say when we will be back in full Market swing. We will do our very best to get everyone what they need and also to keep y'all updated. We have more does due to kidd this weekend and are hoping all goes well. Thanks everyone.



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